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Outdoor Cat Enclosures: Cat Run, Cat Netting or Cat Roller?

Keeping your cat safe is the number one priority for any cat owner. There are many ways to keep them secure within your property, but this blog post will focus on three outdoor cat enclosure solutions.

We are sure you have heard of cat runs and cat netting, but have you heard of Cat Rollers?

Cat Rollers provide peace of mind for owners and they are easy to install. They also have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than other containment methods such as cat netting, cat runs and other outdoor cat enclosures.

Still not sure on what outdoor cat enclosure solution to choose for your cat? Let’s explore the options further…

Cat Roller: Keeping Your Cat Safe & Secure

Cat Rollers are the ultimate outdoor cat enclosure solution to keep your cat safe in a backyard, with a conventional anti-grab roller that sits on top of your fence, preventing your cat from jumping over. Perfect for those little escape artists!

Cat Rollers are the best choice for most cat owners because they offer ultimate safety and peace of mind, without sacrificing visual appeal or functionality.

If you’re looking for a long term outdoor cat enclosure solution, then Cat Rollers are the best option for you and your kitties.

Benefits of Cat Rollers

  • Keeps your cat safe and secure within your property so they won’t get lost, stolen or hit by a car and they won’t get into fights with other animals
  • They are easy to install making them a perfect DIY product available to purchase at Bunnings
  • Quality product, which is durable and made for Australian conditions
  • Keep other cats and predators out of your property
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that your cat can roam freely but will always be safe
  • The roller attaches to the top of your fence, offering a much nicer visual appeal over other outdoor cat enclosure solutions

Disadvantages of Cat Rollers

  • Depending on the size of the backyard and fence perimeter, Cat Rollers can be an expensive upfront cost, but they are built to last and give you peace of mind that your pet is safe

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Cat Run: Roaming Within a Confined Space

A cat run is an outdoor cat enclosure that allows your cat to roam and explore. It’s a giant cage which comes in many different sizes depending on your needs.

The more durable cat runs are made out of metal, however they are also commonly made out of wood and wire netting or material.

Benefits of a Cat Run

  • It’s a cat enclosure that keeps your cats safe when secured inside it
  • Your cats are free to roam within the confined space
  • They are a good cat enclosure solution for renters or people on the move

Disadvantages of a Cat Run

  • Purchasing a cat run is not cheap, especially if you need a customized solution
  • They are big and bulky, often impacting the visual of your outdoor space
  • They can take up a lot of space, which is not ideal if you have a small backyard
  • Does not keep other cats and predators out of your backyard

Cat Netting: Making Your Yard Cat Friendly

If you’re looking for an alternative to cat runs which is less expensive than building a permanent outdoor cat enclosure frame, then using netting may be worth exploring.

Netting can cover up trees or shrubs in order to provide your cats with some climbing opportunities.

Benefits of Cat Netting

  • Gives your cats an opportunity to explore outdoors

Disadvantages of Cat Netting

  • It’s possible for birds and other wildlife to get entangled in the mesh material
  • Cat netting does not provide a full secure option, as your cat can still quite easily escape
  • Cat netting isn’t visually appealing and is more of a temporary solution
  • Doesn’t keep other cats and predators out of your backyard

Why Keep Cats Contained?

While we cat owners want to spend as much time as possible with our beautiful felines, they often have other ideas.

Cat owners know how fiercely independent their furry friends are, and while they enjoy curling up on the couch or pestering us for food, they’d just as soon be out there roaming the wild and getting into trouble.

There’s also no doubt that our beloved pets are wandering further than we think they are – the Cat Tracker Project tracked more than 400 Australian pet cats using a GPS unit and harness, and found that the cats roamed up to 30km over a period of seven days. The cats that wandered further were usually younger, often seen with prey, and showed signs of being in cat fights.

Cat Rollers are the perfect outdoor cat enclosure solution for keeping your cats contained to your yard – and there’s plenty of reasons why we should stop them from heading out on their nightly missions.

Keep your cat disease free

  • Roaming kitties can often come into contact with other cats, meaning they can pick up parasites and fleas
  • There’s also a number of serious and deadly diseases that your cat can pick up while out and about, including feline leukaemia (FelV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), feline distemper and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)
  • If your cat is safely contained to your yard, there is very little risk that they’ll be exposed to these costly and potentially fatal diseases

Keep your cat safe from cars

  • In suburban and metropolitan Australia, there are lots of cat owners in close proximity to lots of vehicle owners, which can lead to heartbreak when your precious pet gets hit by a car
  • Cats are fast and agile animals, but sometimes that’s not enough to stop them from being run over. If this happens to your cat, you may be lucky enough to find your kitty, put it to rest and have some closure – but many cat owners will simply never see their pet again if they are hit by a car

Keep your cat safe from humans

  • Wandering cats can often be picked up by other humans looking for their own pet – especially if your cat is an expensive purebred
  • If your cat gets captured by the local animal ranger, it can be a costly experience to get them back – and they won’t enjoy the overnight stay in the local pound either
  • Keeping your cat in your own backyard will also mean a better relationship with your neighbours – who probably don’t appreciate little paw prints all over their cars

Keep wildlife safe from your cat

  • Anyone who has woken up to a dead bird or mouse on their bed knows cats are great hunters
  • It doesn’t matter how well-fed your kitty is – if they want to go after that mouse or bird, they will!
  • A study published in Wildlife Research found that pet cats kill up to 50 times more animals per square kilometre in residential areas than their feral counterparts in out-of-town areas. Their prey often included feathertail gliders, rosellas, fairy wrens and blue-tongue lizards and a number of threatened species

Cats love to hunt – but they’ll be just as happy tackling the plethora of cat toys available to them in a safe and enclosed backyard!

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