How to Install a Cat Roller

1. Figuring out how many Cat Rollers you need for your fence is easy – first you need to measure your fence line.

Note: Measure any section of fence that forms the perimeter of your yard, including gates. We recommend each gate has its own individual roller and bracket system.

2. Calculate how many rollers and mounting brackets you will need. Rollers come in 2m lengths and are easily cut to size. Single rollers come with two brackets, while the 5 pack comes with 6 brackets, these can also be purchased separately if more are needed.

Note: If you need to mount any of your rollers on a vertical surface, you will need one steel bracket for every mounting bracket.

How To Install

Installation is simple , but we recommend two or more people to make it as easy as possible.

To install, you’ll need a drill, hacksaw, screwdriver, tape measure, and marker or pen.

Remember to wear appropriate personal protective equipment when cutting or drilling.

Watch out installation instructions below or download a copy of our instruction manual.

Note: When you are measuring and installing your Cat Roller system, remember to check the area for any items that might assist your cat in jumping the fence, including trees, ladders, boxes, sheds and garden beds – we recommend removing these where possible



Download The Manual