Why Choose Cat Rollers?

We all want to keep our precious pets safe, no matter how good of an escape artist your cat is, they’ve met their match with Cat Rollers!

These anti-grab rollers attach easily to the top of your fence, rolling when your cat jumps and grabs them trying to climb over your fence.

We asked all our cat loving friends what the top reasons were for wanting to keep their cats safely inside their property:

  • So they won’t get in fights with cats or be attacked by other animals,
  • Won’t be accidently hit by cars/bikes,
  • Peace of mind knowing they won’t get lost, or stolen,
  • Knowing they won’t pick up diseases from other animals.

We also asked what they loved most about Cat Rollers:

  • Complete peace of mind of their pets safety,
  • How easy installation truly is,
  • Keeps other cats and predators out;
  • Visual appeal over other containment solutions

Cat Rollers is the purfect solution to contain and protect your cat, see our FAQ below for more information customers have asked about our range of products.

Did you know, on average, cats which stay in their own backyard and don’t roam live an average of seven years longer than cats that are free to wander?


How do Cat Rollers work?

Made from spinning rollers designed to be attached to the length of your fence, the Cat Roller will stop your tricky kitty from being able to grab onto the top of the fence and pull itself over – the roller will spin and the cat will safely drop back into your yard.

How can I buy Cat Rollers?

Cat Rollers are available at Bunnings Warehouse. Timber and metal fixings are included with each roller, masonry fixings are sold separately. You can also buy extra steel and mounting brackets.

What sizes do Cat Rollers come in?

Cat Rollers come in 2m lengths but can be easily cut to size for your needs. We recommend that you plan your project, find more information on how to measure here. 

What fence height is best to use Cat Rollers on?

We recommend you install Cat Rollers on a fence that’s at least 1.8m tall – cats are mighty jumpers, but this height combined with a Cat Roller will stump them! Remember to make sure your fence is free from any nearby scale-able options, such as trees, rubbish bins, sheds, ladders or steps, as they could still help your cat get over the fence.

What fence types can I use Cat Rollers on?

Cat Rollers can be installed on most fences, including metal, colourbond, post and rail, galvanised, timber or wooden, concrete, masonry, vinyl and composite fences.

Will my cat hate me for ruining its freedom?

Probably for a little while, to be honest – we all know how moody and stubborn cats can be! Make sure you keep an eye on your kitty when you first install your Cat Rollers, to make sure they get used to being thwarted on their fence climbs.

On the bright side, your cat will be safe and sound in your backyard – so you’re really doing it a favour, even if it doesn’t think so!